Bristol Inclusive Design & Development

Diversity and equality

Summary #summary

Bristol Inclusive Design & Development is open to all. We aim to provide an open, safe and welcoming event that nurtures respect and support. We want it to be inclusive to all contributors with the most varied and diverse backgrounds possible – this includes organisers, speakers and attendees.

In particular, we aim to treat everyone equally, regardless of age, ability, gender identity or expression, physical appearance, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion or belief.

Diversity #diversity

Our events are open to all, so we aim to organise events that cover a range of topics around inclusion and accessibility and reflect the interests and needs of a wide variety of people.

We strive to attract a diverse range of speakers at our events, representing all walks of life – people of different age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief. This is of course subject to the availability of speakers for each event, but our aim is to maintain a balance.

Accessibility #accessibility

We want to do our best to allow anybody to attend our events. Our venue is OVO Energy's Rivergate office, a venue that is accessible to wheelchair users. The building has two entrances, one on the corner of Temple Quay and another on the Friary, which is wheelchair accessible.

We aim to use the meeting room audio system to help people hear our speakers, and have begun recording our events in order to upload them to YouTube with accurate closed caption.

We are a grassroots event with limited budget, but we are actively seeking sponsorship to further improve the accessibility of our events. We currently don’t have funds to pay speakers, or to provide live captioning or sign language interpretation at out events.

Inclusion and respect #inclusion

Every person should feel equally welcome and included at all our events. The group should be open to new ideas, and particularly prioritise opportunities for attendees to share their knowledge and experiences with one another.

We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form. Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise offensive and inflammatory remarks or behaviour are not acceptable.

Handling discrimination and harassment #handling

If you feel you have been discriminated against or harassed at one of our events, please raise the issue with one of the event organisers, who will then investigate the complaint, listening to all members involved.

If the complaint is against a particular individual, this person will have the opportunity to express their point of view, accompanied by a friend. The person making the complaint will also have this opportunity.

If the complaint is against an organiser, that person will not be part of conducting the investigation.

If the complaint is against the event as a whole, the organisers must work to ensure that such discrimination is not repeated in the future, and must inform the members of the group how they propose to do this.

Any decision to exclude a person from our events due to discriminatory or harassing behaviour will be made with reference to our code of conduct.

The organisers will support people who feel they have been harassed or discriminated against, and will not victimise or treat them less well because they have raised this.

Event tickets #tickets

For our in-person events, we charge a small ticket price of £1.50 to help our members avoid disappointment at not being able to attend due to no-shows. This money is then donated to charity. If you cannot pay the attendance fee and wish to attend, please contact us to discuss it.

Contacts #contacts

Have something to say?

Please raise any ideas, thoughts or issues with one of the event organisers.

Scope #scope

We expect all members of our community – organisers, speakers, attendees, sponsors, and other guests – to abide by this policy and our code of conduct in all venues, both online and in-person.